In the process of rebuilding instruments in our company, we can distinguish in brief following phases:


1. Case restoration
IMG 3685B.scheraton800x600

- striping the old varnish
- veneer, carving and marquetry restoration
- replacement of missing case parts
- replacement or renovation of existing metal      parts




2. Repair of acoustic body

renowacja mala 05renowacja mala 06

- frame refinishing
- drying, shimming and revarnishing of the   soundboard
- new bass and steel string 
  (by Röslau)
- replacement of tuning pins




3. Repair of the action

renowacja1 mala 03renowacja1 mala 02

- repairs or replacement of moving parts
- replacement of worn out felts, leather and cashmere
- dampers replacement
- new hammers and shanks 
  (by Abell or Renner)
- action regulation



4. Keyboard renovation
renowacja1 mala 01renowacja1 mala 04


- renovation of the existing 
- key - covers replacement 
- pins cleaning
- replacement of all felts and leathe